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January 16, 2011 / windperson


Web Development 101 using WebMatrix

Part 1 introduces you to WebMatrix and how you can install and use it.

Part 2 teaches you how to create your first Web Page using WebMatrix.

Part 3 gets you started with CSS and style sheets so you can make your page more beautiful.

Part 4 teaches you layout and how you can use layout in WebMatrix for common code across your pages.

Part 5 is all about data, where you’ll learn how to use a database in your web page, and make it more dynamic.

Part 6 shows you how to build a page that allows your users to add data to your database, so your site can render it.

Part 7 builds on this to show you how you can have a page to edit your database, and see the changes updated automatically.

Part 8 finishes off the application by showing you how to create a delete page for your data

Part 9 shows you how to publish your site to the internet using WebMatrix.

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