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July 9, 2010 / windperson

Windows 7 常用快速鍵

Windows + Home = Aero Shake (hide all window other than the current active window)

Windows + up arrow = Snap top (maximize current window)

Windows + down arrow = Restore Window or Minimize to the Super Bar

Windows + left/right arrow = Snap left/right

Windows + Shift + left/right arrow = move window to left/right monitor

Windows + T = Preview/Scan active windows in Super Bar to open press enter

Windows + (+/-) = start “Magnifier” to zoom in/out screen

Windows + Space = preview desktop all active window become transparent

Windows + D = Show Desktop

Windows + E = launch Windows Explorer

Windows + F = open “Search Results” window

Windows + G = show/hide Windows Gadgets

Windows + M = Minimize all windows

Windows + R = open “Run” dialog

Windows + Tab = Aero application switcher

Alt + PrintScreen = print current windows only


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