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September 3, 2007 / windperson





My name is Chen Yu Pao; I was born on September 2nd, 1981, in Magong City, Penghu County. My family moved to Kaohsiung City when I was two. Both of my parents are retired teachers, and my father is a consultant in R&D department of SINPRO ELECTRONICS after retirement. I have two sisters; the old sister is a product manager in Pharmaceutical Division of Merk Ltd. Taiwan, and my young sister will go to college during this year.

I was graduated from National Taiwan University as a Bachelor in 2005. My major is Computer Science and minor in Mechanical Engineering. I took my mandatory Military Substitute Service as an office assistant at first, then as a chief librarian in Veterans Affairs Commission Executive Yuan, R.O.C from October 2005 to December 2006. During serving time, I frequently got reputations from colleagues for cautiousness in doing affairs, solving troublesome technical problems and the ability of searching and gathering information they wanted.

I believe that life is a continuously improving and evolving process during all the time. I always eager to learn new things and skills to fulfill my life; I love the feel of knowing how machines works and manipulate them proficiently, I enjoy traveling, seeing new things and exploring new places, among all kinds of ways for traveling, flying brings me a feel of unbending and calmness, which is the way I especially enjoy in; that’s why I want to be a pilot.


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